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Suitable for New Covid-19

Cleanup & Monitoring service


Sterilization for infectious prevention

Our products and services can sterilize specific areas thoroughly with a disinfectant solution that is suitable against Coronavirus. 

Chemical Disinfectant includes:

-High ethanol concentration

-Sodium hypochlorite 

-Hypochlorous acid water

-Hydrogen peroxide

-Peracetic acid


Our products and services disinfect and sterilize any surfaces, areas and floors of public establishments, homes, etc. with the appropriate solution to target bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus.


IKARI Steri Firm

InLab Tech Japan


Our company InLab collaborates with another company called IKARI in providing disinfection/ sterilization. In addition to that, InLab produces a unique nebulizer.


*InLab: InLab Tech Japan/ IKARI: IKARI Steri Firm



Providing monitoring service using Virus Tests (PCR)

 By using PCR we can easily discover where the virus is located, whether it is on the doorknobs or places we can touch. Conducting PCR regularly enables customers to be safe and makes sure that their workplace is also safe.


Consulting Infection prevention for stores and offices

We provide consultation services including effective sterilization in maintaining the cleanliness of your stores and offices. The company provides the hygiene expert to conduct seminars on how to sterilize effectively.

The quality of the disinfector

Using reliable equipment is necessary to ensure effective sterilization. We design, develop and manufacture our scientific equipment by using particle technology.

We use nebulizing techniques and aerosol flow science for sterilization and disinfection process.

Emergency inquiries can be sent to our email directly at


Service for providing knowledge of another variant of the coronavirus

 Our company sells mist nebulizers, gas generators etc. that are used in the laboratory which are made based on particle technology. We have a working partnership with the IKARI corporation, which has plenty of expert knowledge about decontamination and sterilization. We provide full support in both hardware and software related to disinfectant service. 


・Sanitization nebulizer

Development/ manufacturing of sanitization nebulizer is based on fluid engineering as particle technology and aerosol

・Disinfection and sterilization service

Sterilization and disinfection services which can provide accurate and effective cleanup and accurate knowledge of usage of suitable disinfectants

・Virus/ PCR Tests

Cooperation with the BMSA* that is available for PCR tests with high sensitivity. 

・Consulting for infection prevention

Consulting/ advice by experts in the field of infection hygiene science


*BMSA: Biomedical Science Association (Certified NPO)


Quick and polite response

 InLabTech Japan LLC

Tokyo salse office

A205/ A206Yushimahaitaun, 4-6-11, 

Yushima, Bunkyo City,

 Tokyo 113-0034, Japan

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